The End of a Season

Yesterday, the last of the inventory was palletized and ready to store. The Great Hall and the Garden room were swept and mopped, end of the run goodbyes were made, and the lights have gone down on another fireworks season. 

As I have now wrapped up my seventh season of fireworks at The Castle of Muskogee, I sit back and look at my journey as a whole, as well as what was accomplished this season.  The progression has been pretty darn amazing. While I learn something new every year, I have to say that this year in particular made me stretch and grow in areas that I hadn’t even dipped my toes into those waters before, and I love it!  It makes me want to learn more, to teach more, to help this business grow more. It makes me set new goals for next season and to see The Castle of Muskogee Firewoeks become the most trusted, reliable and sought out Firewoeks retailer in Oklahoma. 

Last night, as I sat in the Black Boare Pub with Jeff, Matt and Scott, going over inventory for next year, the bittersweet melancholy of the finality of this year started to set in, but at the same time, the discussions for next season started the excitement for 2017’s phoenix to rise out of 2016’s ashes and the wheels are already turning. 

There will some amazing things transpire next season. For you long time patrons, get ready for a new shopping experience as we will be doing a lot of revamping of our floor layout.  2017 is going to be fresh and exciting, you won’t want to miss out!


All About the Big BOOMS!

Let’s talk booms, not just little firecracker booms, but big, artillery shell, 500 gram heavy weight cake booms. 

The Castle is well stocked in high quality performance shells and cakes to enhance your display or make a sizzling finale. Items to wow your friends and family, leaving you the hero of the party.

Most are familiar with our ever so popular Lock and Load (which simulates our cannon at festival in May) and Diablo artillery shells. They give you a lot of bang for your buck and are exceptional shells. However, they are not so familiar with some of our others that will break big in performance but not your pocket book. BC Display Shells  is a colossal shell in a package for under $50. Black Cat has been a brand trusted by fireworks consumers for over 60 years, and this particular product shows why. Stunning effects, high performance, and Black Cat quality. 

If you aren’t the type to load and repeat with your shells, then our one and done options are for you. With cakes ranging from 9 gigantic shots to over 100 in the box, our heavy weight selection is without a doubt an impressive sight to behold. Light one fuse, and let the show begin! 

I remember the first year we got Oh Say.  What a beast of a firework. 9 magnificently loud shells. While many come in looking specifically for cakes like this that will rattle your teeth, others come in looking for great cakes and a great price that will make their spectators jaw drop. We have just the item called Jaw Dropper that is designed to get the “oohs and ahhs”. A fast-paced 25 shot cake filled with dragon chrysanthemums, tails and umbrellas, it is one that you don’t want to go home without. 

Whatever your taste in big performance items, The Castle has something to make your show the talked about display of the season. Only 4 more days to shop! Come see us today!

Not Just Fireworks

Fourth of July Accessories

While we are exceedingly happy to assist with all of your fireworks desires, the castle has all sorts of accessories, t-shirts and light up toys to make your Fourth of July party a fun success. 

To capture the spirit of the holiday, you can show off your patriotism with one of our red, white, and blue hats, boas or flag cape.  Not to mention our our festive collection of hats.

4th of July Hats

For T-shirt lovers, we have our collection of patriotic Castle of Muskogee shirts. Show off your love for The Castle and your love of the fireworks season with one of these soft, must have shirts!

Along with our 4th of July accessories, we also have an array of amazing light up toys for kids of all ages. Perfect to put back for birthdays or stocking stuffers, or to just bring some life to your holiday party. 

At The Castle, you will find everything you need to celebrate in style! Come and find your of fun and clothing.  

Don’t Judge a Firework By Its Cover

We as people, shop with our eyes. We immediately go for what is most visually appealing to us. I myself am guilty of putting back dented cans at the grocery store, even though the product inside is just fine. 

Over the years, I have come find to that the old saying “you can’t judge a book but its cover” perfectly describes numerous items on our fireworks shelves.  Beautiful fireworks wrapped up in not so beautiful paper, but like the dented can at the grocery store, goodness still lies within. 

Three such items at the castle include, Contraband, Denied, and our 16 Shot Small Festival Ball multi-action cake.  These three are the perfect example of exceptional performance coupled with poor marketing.

I challenge you to look beyond the ugly duckling of a package to see the beautiful swan that truly lies within. Big breaks, stunning color, and sizzling effects to enhance your fireworks display. Don’t  miss out on these wonderful items! You’ll be glad you loaded them into your cart. 

When You’re Not Sure What To Get….

….. We have options to make your fireworks choice easy! 

Allow me to pose a question. Have you ever shopped at a firecracker stand and picked up an assortment? You were so excited because it had a little of everything, but when you went to shoot the items, some of them were crushed or wouldn’t light and frustration then set in because you were out money on defective fireworks. 

If you answered “yes”, I have good news for you. Here at The Castle of Muskogee,  you don’t ever have to fear being dissatisfied with your assortment purchase. 

Freedom Fighter and Seige
The Castle believes in ensuring that all of our assortments not only provide you with quality items, but excellent savings as well. Because our assortments are packaged on site, you can buy with confidence knowing that nothing is crushed or mangled. Additionally, like all of our fireworks, our assortments fall under our product guarantee, meaning if anything fails to light, bring it back with your receipt on July 5th, and we will give you a replacement item, or your money back. 

Toy Story and Thunder Up
The Terminator

For the adventurous shoppers who enjoy searching the shelves for just the right items, The Castle is taking your shopping experience to the next level. Technology being the amazing thing that it is,  allows for all sorts of inovating ways to shop. With the creation of QR Codes, you can now scan and watch videos of your favorite items, along with our brand new fireworks before you buy. 

QR Code On The Castle 500 Gram Cake

All you need is a free QR scanner app on your smart phone and you can click, view and buy. 

Our desire is for your shopping experience to be the very best it can be, with the quality you have come to expect from The Castle. Be sure to come out early so we don’t sell out of your favorite item! Only 10 fireworks shopping days left! 


While carrying all of your traditional fireworks favorites, The Castle of Muskogee prides itself on offering new and exciting items from various brands, such as Black Cat, Fireworks Over America, Brothers, Winda and more. This year is no exception.

In the Garden Room, there are over twenty brand new 350 and 500-gram cakes featuring amazing colors and effects, including Wild Imagination by Fireworks Over America. This exceptional cake features 16 shots of amazing pastel colors.

New 2016 Heavy Weights

In the Great Hall, we are offering something new for patrons of all ages, including Brothers Pyrotechnics Icebird, our Think Pink smoke, numerous fountains, roman candles, and several new multi-action cakes.

My personal favorite item on the floor this year, is a unique multi-action cake by Winda called Confetti Cake. Every other multi-action that I have seen shoots a volley of explosions into the air for the viewer to witness beautiful shots of everything from glitter and crackles to mines and fish. This particular cake offers none of that. Instead, it shoots out massive  sthqdefaultreamers of red, yellow, green and blue.

Found in our parachute section, this item is sure to tickle our youngest of patrons as they can run and grab up the streamers without them escaping as a parachute can.

No matter what your favorite type of firework, The Castle of Muskogee is sure to have the perfect item for you. Be it an old time favorite, or something brand new and never seen before. Our goal is to make sure that you leave with exactly what you want, with the guarantee that only we can provide. If your item fails to light, bring it back on July 5th with your receipt and we will make it right, be it a refund, or a replacement item. Come and check out our new items! There are only 14 more shopping days left for this fireworks  season.


New Items For2016



A Fireworks Blog?

182588_3967809950306_1505360366_nWhen I was a kid, I was the anti-firework kid in our family. Give me some snappers, sparklers and snakes and that was the extent of my involvement. In 2010, I decided to join the Castle Fireworks staff to make a little extra money over the summer. In that first year, I went from having nothing to do with them, to thinking about product, selling and displays almost all year round.

As I have come to learn more about the different products, I also have come to learn more about the professionalism of the company that I sell for. The quality of service and how it’s not just about coming and buying fireworks, but it’s about a shopping experience. The Hiller family has provided retail fireworks to the Muskogee area for over 60years, but Before The Castle, the fireworks sales started at Children’s House, offering the patron an air-conditioned and humidified venue, a huge selection, and a guarantee on all fireworks. Every item sold has been fired and tested to ensure that product’s excellence.

Children’s House is still a tradition for many families in Muskogee enjoy every year, and if an item can’t be found on the shelves there, the Castle is just a short drive away. With around 500 items to choose from, with brands you can trust, The Castle and Children’s House just can’t be beaten.

Not only do you get quality products, a unique shopping experience, and an indoor venue to beat the heat or the rain when shopping at The Castle, our active military personnel receive a discount with their military ID AND with every $50, a free ticket to the opening weekend of Haunted Festival, a $10 value is given.

All of this brings me back to the original question of, “A fireworks blog?”.  The purpose of this blog is to give every customer or potential customer of The Castle insightful information regarding what products we sell and the history of the brands, how to navigate effects and descriptions, reviews of items that I have personally shot, and the opportunity to get to know the fireworks staff. It is a place where you, the reader, are able to share the products you love with me so that I, in turn, can share with the blog universe.  Fireworks do not have to just be talked about in July, they are an ever-changing product and a “blast” to talk about any time of year.